About IAMAS United States

Since its reorganization and re-structuring in 2004 by CEO, David L Cook, IAMAS has taken a stronger look on helping the communities it promotes to. We are dedicated to helping up and coming organizations to make their mark in their surroundings by offering the best in promotions and artistry.

The IAMAS Corporation has many offices spread throughout the United States. The functions of these offices are to manage and promote artists throughout the entertainment community as well as offering new film and music individuals a chance to work in the fields of their expertise.

IAMAS has undergone many changes through the years. Our focus remains the same which is to offer the best and most honorable services to the communities that we work with.

The IAMAS Corporation has other independent corporations under its umbrella. These companies range from record labels to independent film companies.

IAMAS is currently expanding its work with several broadcasting companies and will be able to offer independent film capabilities in the very near future.

IAMAS Board Room